Happy 2021

Today would’ve been Grandad’s 94th birthday. While we reminisce about him and think of him often, his would-be birthday had my mom, sister, uncles, aunt, and cousins catching up via group text and sharing memories and pictures. Grandad’s father died at 49 and his mother at 51 so he liked to say that he “exceeded his expiration date” by many, many years. He shared a birthday with Martin Luther King, Jr. (though King was born 2 years after Grandad in 1929), so he also liked to announce that all were invited to his and King’s celebratory parades. Grandad died the same day as George H. W. Bush, and I imagine he’d also say that Bush’s funeral train, which passed just a few miles from my mom’s house in Decker Prairie, TX, was also somehow in honor of his passing as well.

This year I am going to try to post more on the blog as I know Grandad wanted me to keep it going. 2020 was challenging for us all and I can’t help but but be thankful Grandma and Grandad didn’t have to endure it. I know for the elderly the pandemic has been scarier and more isolating than for most. I’m just thankful we now have a light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccine. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy, and I’ll be back with more posts throughout the year. Happy Birthday, Grandad!

9 thoughts on “Happy 2021

  1. Thanks Christine! I don’t think Dad and I were complete polar opposites, but his birthday was January 15 and mine is July 15. One year when we were kids my dear Mom bought me a 45 rpm record for my “half birthday” on Dad’s birthday. Well, Nigel was discombobulated and started trying to figure out the date of his half birthday! Needless to say, my Mom realized it was probably a mistake and I never got another half birthday present! We did once get a Christmas present around March when Mom and Dad found a plastic pup tent hidden in their closet for Christmas that they forgot about. Like everyone I miss both of them more than I ever realized. The only positive thing is that it has brought our whole family closer together. ❤️


  2. Thanks for this Christine. Both Ken & Doris’s birthdays are still in my calendar, so I did raise a glass to Ken on his birthday!
    I didn’t know that about Ken’s parents passing so young. My grandparents who raised me were a similar age when they died. GM at 48 and GF at 52. So young!

    Ken ‘n Doris and your family are on http://www.shardalow.com. If you wish and want to register there, I’ll give you fuller access so you can see more.


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