Timely Actions: A Guide to a Better Life and Retirement

TimelyTimely Actions: A Guide to a better Life and Retirement is currently available as a hardcover, paperback or e-book at the Friesen Press Bookstore. Either click on the link provided or go to friesenpress.com/bookstore and use the “search” function in their toolbar to type in Timely Actions or Kenneth W. Glover to see prices and to place an order. The book will be available at all outlets in a few weeks but is available NOW at a discounted price at the  printer’s bookstore.

This book is intended as a checklist of things to do for seniors approaching or entering  retirement. It is also perfect to make available to younger members of their family to instill in them the need to give an eye to their future and make timely actions now to avoid potential problems later. These apply to health, exercise, financial planning and decisions about their future; all items that do not naturally occur to the young. This book gives older people an opportunity to subtly pass down advice they would like their kin to receive.        

What have critics said about it?

A cardiologist from the renowned Debakey Cardiologists Associates in Houston said, “This book is medically accurate, witty, informational and subtly humorous.” A retired Ph. D. Chemical Engineer said, “All the advice I meant to give to my kids but never got around to it. Now I can.” A Merrill Lynch executive said, “The chapter on investing is good, sound advice for people of all ages.” A neighbor said, “The witty drawings help make this book a quick, easy read.”

I was responsible for the cover of the book and the ideas for the illustrations, but I must mention that the cover painting and the clever illustrations are the work of David Figgins, a 32 year old talented art teacher and illustrator. I am sure his drawings will enhance the readability of this, my first book. Click on David’s name to see his website.

Where can it be found?

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