Memorial Service


Family and Friends of Ken Glover:

Information about a memorial service and celebration of life honoring Ken Glover is below.

When: Thursday, December 27th

11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Where: The home of Melanie Lacy

33047 Decker Prairie Road, Magnolia, TX 77355



3 thoughts on “Memorial Service

  1. December 21, 20018

    First, I like to introduce myself as the daughter of Frank G. Kerry, mentioned in Memory #16. My dad left Montreal to open the first L’Air Liquide office in the US in early 1949. He picked the iconic Chrysler building because he and mom (American born) bought a home in Scarsdale, NY. and he could easily take the commuting train into Grand Central and just nip across the street and be at the office.

    In the early days, the first office was located on the 9th floor where your dad would have been and at the end of L’Air Liquide’s NYC life, we had risen to be just between the winged radiator caps (31st floor) and the eagles (61st floor). From the back drafting office we looked on the then newly built twin towers of 9/11 fame in lower Manhattan. I worked there in the summers during my collage years and just after graduate school, so am very familiar of the L’Air Liquide family both in NY and Montreal. Dad liked to tell the story that when L’Air Liquide was first contemplating opening a US division; he adamantly volunteered; after stepping into a deep slush puddle in late March! Even though born and raised in Montreal, he was ready to ‘head south’! When they married, mom spent 8 years in Montreal and my sister was born there.

    I was born in the US and have very fond memories not only of Ken and Doris, but of her brother Arthur. Arthur, in fact, painted our living room, and I remember being ‘translator’ between him and my mom. I did, in fact go on to major in languages, so I think I understood, at that very early age, about the rhythm of speech.

    I remember visiting the Rowayton home (which by the way, today is a very posh and desirable area to
    live in). I still go to a little fish restaurant facing a small marina there. It is like being in New England!

    What I remember most about Ken was his fabulous sense of humor (probably why I still gravitate towards UK series to this day). He always had a smile on his face and a dry quip at the ready! I do remember a story that he had shared with my dad of Nigel going back to start the school year and being asked to write a story that had happened during the summer. Apparently, Nigel had gone fishing and caught a fish, but beyond that fact, really couldn’t add much more commentary. And now of course, he had wished he had never caught that fish in the first place!!!!!

    When my dad left L’Air Liquide in 1976, he went on to do consulting work all over the world. My dad passed away in 2007 at the age of 96, just when his book, Industrial Gas Handbook: Gas Separation and Purification was published. He was able to hold it in his hands and see his work experience of 65 years in the industry come to fruition. He was already thinking of the second edition. It was my honor to work on the manuscript together and see it through to completion. Although at times, dad would ask me to remind him why he start it in the first place! My cousin’s son Theo, who is a rocket scientist with Space X in Waco, TX uses dad’s book today! So I am happy to say it was well worth the effort, and remains a testimony to my dad’s perseverance!

    We kept in touch with Doug Eyre throughout all the years, and he came and stayed with us after my mom’s passing. Even after my dad’s passing, Doug and I kept in touch. One Christmas, I didn’t receive my usual card with updates from him and then came the Houston floods. I tried to reach out to Robin , his daughter, but to no avail. That’s when I thought to google Ken and came upon this memory blog last year. By the way have you have any information about Doug?

    My biggest regret is that I didn’t email Ken sooner, and then when I went back to do it, I found that he has just passed. So I wanted to reach out to all to of you say how much I appreciated reading his blog and of course, to celebrate the wonderful tapestry of friendships and family that are woven throughout our lives. I hope I have added a bit more to the story.

    My deepest condolences to you all, especially to your matriarch Doris who I remember being always cheerful and very kind.

    Nicolette Kerry


    • Hi Nicolette,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to share this incredibly thoughtful note. It’s so nice to hear your memories of Granddad. I’m so glad you found his blog. It was my pleasure to help him with it and to help him with his book that he wrote in 2015. Yes, you have added to the story and we appreciate it!

      I’m sorry to be the one to share with you that Robin Eyre and Doug Eyre have passed away. Robin’s cancer returned and spread and she passed away in 2016 (I believe this is correct). Doug suffered from colon cancer and passed away in July of this year (2018). A very small joint service was held for Robin and Doug soon after he passed. In the last year of his life, Doug actually moved in to the same assisted living facility where Ken and Doris were living. They remained close throughout their entire lives. Doug’s son Duncan and his family live very close to my mom, Melanie in Tomball, TX.

      Thank you again for sharing and for your condolences.

      Christine Grindle (Ken’s granddaughter)


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