Guest Memory Three: Nicholas Glover

Eyre. Canada.Nick on steps 7214 Fielding Av Montreal (1)

Baby Nick, Montreal

Our third Guest Memory comes to us in the form of a letter from Nicholas Glover, Ken and Doris’s second born son. Nick was born in Montreal in 1956 as described in Memory Sixteen. I love that Ken and Doris had one son born in England, one son born in Canada, and a daughter born in the United States.


Dear Mom and Dad,

I love you both very much and I will always be proud of you.  I also miss Granny and Arthur and June.

Thank you, Dad, for writing your blog.  I learned a lot from reading it and I found out that your Mom was a lot like me and Melanie and her daughters.

Eyre. USA.33. Nick looking for the boss (1)

I choose to remember all the happier times we had together as a family, especially our trip from Connecticut to Yellowstone and back!  I also remember the Danbury Fair, Mystic Seaport and Cape Cod vacations. Also, we had great fun sledding in the snow and skating and building a tree fort.

In Atlanta I remember having fun playing golf at Druid Hills, the only course I’ve ever seen that had old water fountains that had to be filled with ice every morning.  I remember playing in the Father-Son Tournament and Dick Heenan was my “father”. We also enjoyed their house and patio and their cats named Penny and Tuppence.

In Atlanta we also went many times to Stone Mountain and Lake Lanier, where we learned to water ski. I also recall Calloway Gardens, Kennesaw Mountain, Jeckyll Island, camping at the Cherokee Indian Reservation along the Oconaluftee River, and our trip to Marineland, Miami and Nassau Bahamas.

I also remember playing Frisbee, especially with the Schaeffers, and later playing with boomerangs, and in Atlanta, teatherball and horseshoes.

Dad, I was so proud to see you as President of a plastics company in Atlanta, a steel and wire company in Jacksonville and an oil company in Texas.

Mel.04.Nick and Ken


I remember when you and Mom and Mel moved to Houston in 1980. Every visit started with nachos, salsa and margaritas!

I had a lot of fun in Destin and wish I could have gotten up there more often, especially to get to know my nieces better.

I’m glad you got to see four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren continue the circle of life.


Thank you for helping me through Episcopal High School, Vanderbilt, newspaper reporting and Law School.  I became a lawyer when Christine was born, so I hate to give it away, but it was 35 years ago! I am now listening to 33 hours of Continuing Legal Education before the end of the year.

Anyway, I think about you every day, and also Granny, and I love you both very much

Love always, Nicholas

Thank you, Nick, for letting me share your letter on the blog. I have many memories of being with you in Destin and spending many holidays and celebrations with you over the years.

I hope to be back with another Guest Memory soon.

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