Faux Pas at Fox

My daughter says, “My Dad is biased because he watches Fox News all the time.” Since she does not have the benefit of doing the same, I know she is not aware of what is happening around her. She is however, correct as I do follow Fox, but that does not mean that Fox gets my total approval and I will share some of my complaints with you.

I am tired of seeing the Fox ladies in all seasons attired in bare-shouldered garb as if they are about to go to a cocktail party and I dislike their school-girl shrieks and histrionics when all they are supposed to be doing is conveying the news. I like the men, particularly Bill Hemmer, Shepard Smith, Brit Hume and Bret Baier and, like all Fox watchers, the wisdom and subtle humor of the Fox Sage, Dr. Charles Krauthammer. A sample of what I don’t like is listed below.

I recently heard a female announcer say, “I want to welcome the both of you.”

The same lady, later in the following interview said, “I know that both of you didn’t vote for that bill.”

Several announcers keep promising something is coming “momentarily.” Presumably, it’s only coming for a split second rather than “soon” or “in a jiffy.”

On various occasions, we keep hearing “wise,” as in people-wise, money-wise and even just last week, we heard that we were not doing as much “mission-wise” in Iraq as we did in the Gulf War.

The record goes to Bill O’Reilly who on June 24 said that he was tired of this “ridiculous-ness.”  Did he mean ridicule? (I have provided the date so he can hear it too.)

While we are talking about Bill O’Reilly, why does he keep ignoring the numerous emails he receives asking him to stop talking over his invited guests. My complaint is different as I want him to stop shouting over his guests. Is he not aware that when two are talking we hear neither because we have applied the mute button. We don’t need him to quiet down to the boring level of a Ben Carson but a few decibels in that direction would be appreciated.

Another thing that grates with O’Reilly is when he gets excited and yells,  “What ‘appened.”

The shout-over complaint also applies to Niel Cavuto’s deep and ever growing, raspy voice, for Greta’s too loud voice  and for a large part of the hourly,  “The Five.”  (Do we really need an hour of mostly trivial chatter?)

My biggest complaint is directed to Fox Management. Will you please forbid the stupid and in-elegant phrase, “Take a Listen” from the airways?  It started as a one or two day rage and now has not only become an avalanche, but your competitors have now caught the disease. Please end it. It has more than served ts time.

And so have I. I remain as a friend of Fox but I feel better getting this post out of my system.

5 thoughts on “Faux Pas at Fox

  1. We both watch Fox News on cable. I don’t consider watching Fox as biased. They present more of the news, and too much commentary, which I prefer to be conservative, rather than the left leaning main stream media, who don’t report actual factual news when it suits their cause. Fox news has the same problem that all 24 hour networks has, there isn’t enough national/world news to fill all the time slots, so they, like all the others, have too many hours of what I call “talking heads” programs. These are programs which endlessly debate, analyze, predict, and offer endless opinions. Fox , however does present many more news events than the competition which is definitely biased, liberal/socialist/Democrat.. Fox like the other MSM channels is in business to make a profit, and that comes from the advertising income generated from all the programming. The female dress code is just a part of the entertainment aura. If you chck, most of the women are accomplished and have PhDs. Fox “anchors” suffer from the same faults as all the others, when it comes to “talking over”, interrupting, and shouting, all of which I dislike. O’Reilly seems to have joined the rude pack, but his show still is “fair and balanced” and he does feature emails which are not in his favor, just as he does with the ones that praise him. He continually leads all of them in viewers. His books are also winners. Big problem is that all news broadcasts are fundamentally entertainment, as opposed to presenting news and separating it from editorializing. In the old days when newspapers reigned, the news was in the front, and editorials were clearly identified, even though the news was presented with a slant.

    As far as getting the news, I spend an hour a day on line and go to ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Google, Fox, Drudge, Debka, Christian Science Monitor, Seeking Alpha, and Yahoo Financial. I can compare and see what is not being presented on the liberal media. I only read meaningful articles, and skip all the “human interest” stuff. It is very revealing that the liberal media seem to omit much of the news that doesn’t suit their views. I suggest your daughter do the same and not rely on radio and TV, if she wants to be informed.

    Keep up the Blog……good stuff. Al


  2. While I can’t stand watching Fox News (or most other 24 hour news stations), I have to say I don’t understand some of your complaints. Is “I want to welcome the both of you” grammatically incorrect? If so, I’ve been using it incorrectly as well. While I agree that ridiculous-ness is a silly word, especially for a reporter, it is very commonly used and there is even a TV show called “Ridiculousness.” I will continue to get my news from our local NPR station, KPBS. They never shout.


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